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26 . 08 . 2021

TMS Homes Wonder World - The world of utility right under the porch

“We not only build houses with material value but also create spiritual value in each top-notch living experience” – Representative of TMS Group investor shared about TMS Homes Wonder World – The project is creating a special attraction in the North Hanoi real estate market.

In the rotation of modern society, the criteria of home buyers do not stop at a beautiful apartment, but also have to be a place to live with green space, a fresh environment and countless trendy utilities satisfactory to entertainment, recreation and relaxation needs of residents.

The reality is that the market is increasingly accepting multi-utility megacities, low construction density, unique landscape design, and the living experience factor of residents. Among them, can be mentioned: Ecopark in Hung Yen, Vinhomes Ocean Park in Gia Lam or Gamuda City in Hoang Mai District… It is easy to see that these projects often appear and have the advantage of thriving in the vicinity and peri-urban areas, thanks to the abundant land fund, diverse natural conditions, and large potential for development.

Recently, information about the 100-class utility project in North Hanoi developed by TMS Group has made real estate developer across the country "fluttered".

Australian standard living space

Referring to Australia is referring to the country possessing the world's leading quality of life with a strong economy, advanced social security and a highly developed education and health system. Referring to Australia is also referring to the country of friendliness, harmony, equality between ethnic groups and a harmonious lifestyle, respecting nature.

Located in the north of the capital, only 40 minutes’ drive from Hanoi, TMS Homes Wonder World has a total area of up to 143 hectares, while the construction density is very low, accounting for only 29.3%. The project is planned to become an ecological complex urban area with a 38-hectare regulating lake, an impressive combination of the highest standard Australian living values in the heart of peaceful and spacious nature.

A representative of TMS Group investor shared: “Australia with the most livable cities in the world always exists in the dream of millions of people to settle down. This country has long been one of the strategic business investment destinations of TMS Group with many reputable partners. Developing TMS Homes Wonder World, we not only build houses with material value but also create spiritual value in each top Australian standard living experience. Where people live in harmony with nature, discover new things from trendy utility systems and enjoy valuable moments of comfortable life in a civilized and elite community.

TMS Homes Wonder World – Creating the ultimate Australian standard living space

Hơn 100 tiện ích ngay dưới hiên nhà

In addition to the elements constituting the value of a project such as location, planning, and landscape, the system of services and utilities is considered a key factor creating the attractiveness of real estate products.

This factor is especially important when customers choose to buy products located in urban areas, because this is considered the key to forming the quality of life of a residential community.

In the context that the Northern real estate market in general and the North Hanoi area in particular is entering an exciting period after the epidemic is gradually controlled, projects that want to find a firm "stand" need to have a different strategy, catch up with the trend, only then will be competitive enough. For that reason, the formation of the first high-class utility urban area in North Hanoi - TMS Homes Wonder World with a system of more than 100 utilities is said to be the top reason to attract customers and investors.

Bringing the Australian standard living space and lifestyle into the home of each customer, TMS Group creates experiences that fill the desire to live fully and satisfactory in each home. At the project, convenience is not only limited to a house but wider, also within the living area.

Accordingly, just 5 minutes’ walk from home, residents can access modern facilities from education, health care, health care, shopping, business to entertainment, rest, relaxation. expand, connect the community... including: multi-layer security system; international inter-level schools; Centennial Park central park with scale of 6ha, surrounded by a 38-hectare regulating lake, 8 multi-complex sports parks; infinity pool; The first transparent glass bridge floating on the water in the North... and a series of other unique utility services.

Shelter for all ages

Assessing the development trend of large projects in Vietnam, Mr. Matthew Powell - Director of Hanoi and Da Nang offices at Savills Vietnam said: "Currently, the market is paying more attention to the factors of Green living such as health, living environment, air quality and convenient transportation Therefore, the investor needs to create a different living environment for the residential community, serving the needs of all ages, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the project".

With TMS Homes Wonder World, elderly people who like the quiet and peaceful scenery will enjoy a relaxing space at Centennial Park, located by a 38-hectare regulating lake. This promises to be an attractive place to visit not only for people in Vinh Yen city but also one of the attractive entertainment spots in the North of Hanoi.

As for young people, after stressful working hours, they will find a moment of life balance from countless new experiences such as relaxing at the four-season swimming pool, enjoying 7th Art at the outdoor cinema space (Sky Cinema), exploring the first transparent glass bridge floating on the water in the North or experiencing rich cuisine at the Asian - European restaurant chain…

The first floating glass bridge in the North at TMS Homes Wonder World project

In particular, TMS Homes Wonder World is also a comprehensive development environment for young children, helping preschoolers grow up healthy every day. In addition to arranging a group of utilities to serve the children's entertainment needs, the project also has an international inter-level school that is a blend of the world's top modern knowledge with traditional values of the nation.

Converging potentials and many unique highlights, TMS Homes Wonder World will definitely be the focus of all activities, cultural exchanges and entertainment in the North Hanoi area, contributing to promoting the real estate market continue to grow strongly.


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